Equine and Pet Supplies

Top-Notch Equine and Pet Supplies

The Best Equine and Pet Supplies in Knoxville, TN

Your pets deserve the best. Treat your dogs, cats, and horses to the finest supplies available to support their health and happiness. You can depend on Knox Farmers Cooperative for all of your equine and pet needs.

Expert guidance, professional recommendations

Require advice on the best nutrition practices for your pet? Stop by and talk to one of our friendly staff members today.

Caring for Your Companion Animal

  • Cedar, pine and poplar shavings
  • Pelleted wood bedding
Pet Containment
Companion Animal Diets
Companion Animal Treats
  • Rawhides, bones, tendons, bully sticks, pig ears, beef hooves, etc.
  • Marrow bones
  • Smokehouse treats
  • Science Diet treats
  • SPORTMiX treats
  • PRO PAC dog treats
  • Manna Pro treats
Companion Animal Health
Grooming Supplies
  • Safari products
  • Kenic shampoos
  • Assortment of toys for your furry friends
Equine Supplies
  • Pine and poplar shavings
  • Pelleted wood bedding
  • Sweet PDZ and hydrated lime
  • Buckets (all sizes and styles)
  • Watering troughs
  • Feed scoops
  • Measuring scoops
  • Syringes and needles
  • Manure forks and pitch forks
  • Farrier supplies
  • Andis clippers and accessories
  • Oster clippers and accessories
  • Wahl clippers and accessories
  • Brushes, combs and rubber bands
  • Shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers
  • Fung-A-Way products
  • Thrush treatments and more
Your pets and horses deserve the best. Visit one of our two convenient locations to browse our stock of equine and animal products. Call us today for more information on delivery services. Visit 6616 Asheville Hwy or call us today at 865-522-3148. Visit 3903 Fountain Valley Dr. or call us today at 865-922-2115 today!
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